Mayberry Fine Art makes a move

MFA Dundas West

It always seems like a good idea at the time, doesn’t it.  Make a move, shake off the cobwebs, stretch the wings, and explore new terrain. Most of us have moved apartments or houses; far fewer of us have moved art galleries. Well, I actually moved a gallery, but it was my vanity gallery and the move was a two man operation over three weeks.  The Mayberry Fine Art move was an extravaganza of epic proportions with logistics and numbers to rival the landing at Normandy.

     Mayberry Fine Art opened in Yorkville in September 2010 and relocated to Dundas St. West in March 2017. (So much for up to date posts.) Mayberry Fine Art was driven out of Yorkville by rising rents and the trend to high end boutiques selling designer clothes and accessories. The rent squeeze play which affects artists also affects galleries. A Lawren Harris is not sold every day.

     What were the advantages of the move to Dundas Street West?  A central location across from the AGO and a space that had been a gallery and was in good shape, no gut job needed.

     Okay, the new spot has been selected, now what? Quotes from moving companies, doing a thorough inventory of all the art works, furniture, supplies, and fixtures. Securing a moving day, wrapping the art works, arranging for mail to be forwarded, and informing clients of the pending move. It is always a bit of a crap shoot as to how clients will react to the change in their routines.

     Once the physical move has been made, the real fun begins. Locks need to be changed, new security systems programmed, internet service installed. Signage, landscaping., and renovations all need to be considered. At the end of move, has it been worth it?

     A resounding YES from the staff. Clients can combine a visit to the AGO with a visit to Mayberry Fine Art; more parking options; better layout and higher ceilings; a small garage which was converted into a multi-purpose workshop; a more eclectic range of visitors who know their “art stuff.” And then, there are the wooden floors, original and glowing. (Not unlike me.)

     Check out the new Mayberry Fine Art on line and pay them a visit before or after the AGO.



Photos: Thomas Maunder

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