… that is the question.

As we careen through life, there are many burning questions that demand answers.  For example, Botox or surgery?  Tall, dark, handsome but poor, or Quasimodo with a bank account to choke several horses. Condo, rental, or grossly overpriced semi. For the art collector, there is no more “burning” question that the question of framing. Insomnia, marital strife, and prolonged anxiety attacks can bedevil the collector who wants the perfect frame. For what they are worth (likely not much), here are my thoughts:

  1. Don’t get your knickers in knots over frames. You bought the painting because of its appeal, not because of its framing possibilities.
  2. The frame is there to focus attention on the painting and not be the focus itself.
  3. If the work is on paper or a photograph, framing is essential to provide structure and protection.
  4. Find a framer you can trust and gives you options. Like hairdressers, some framers can be dictators. I use Akasha Art Projects on Church Street, north of Wellesley. The flight of stairs can be a challenge for old men but the results are worth it.
  5. Not every painting should be framed as image may spread along the sides and should be seen.
  6. The painting’s style should suggest the style of the frame and not the colour of your spaniel.
  7. Custom framing is not cheap.
  8. A well-framed painting can be hung anywhere. It is a self-contained world.
  9. Experiment with frame sizes. A small painting can really pop in an oversize frame.
  10. Don’t sweat the frame. You have already made the most important decision
In my next post, I will share some of my paintings, their frames, and my cogent comments.
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Tom Maunder,

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