White gloves. Two hats.

Astrid Ho: One person, but two jobs at Open Studio

Astrid Ho, Print Sales Manager and Archive Manager of Open Studio, is one busy lady and that’s why you will often see her wearing two hats and a pair of white gloves.


     As Print Sales Manager, Astrid organizes and curates exhibitions, promotes and sells prints, manages the Print Sales website, and works with printmakers who consign their work to Open Studio for sale.

     As Archive Manager, Astrid manages over 7,000 prints which need storage and temperature stability. Each move of Open Studio was made to gain more space but space continues to be a problem. According to Astrid, successful curating is no easy task. Research, communication with the artists, and an overriding curatorial vision are all necessary.

     Part of Astrid’s mandate is to sell to individual collectors, corporations, government departments, and interior decorators. A rather disparate bunch, wouldn’t you say?

     Astrid studied painting at OCAD but, after spending time in Florence, switched to printmaking. Astrid’s experience has taught her a good print balances concept and aesthetic with technique. Astrid admires a wide range of printmakers: Goya, Frankenthaler, Kiki Smith.

     Although at times stressful, Astrid’s double life as printmaker and print seller does work to her advantage.

Because she is aware of both sides of the track, Astrid can sell as an expert while understanding that print sales are an important revenue stream for Open Studio. For Astrid, all her artists are “pretty special” because they create something out of nothing.

     One printmaker who is “pretty special” is Christine Koch whose darkly hued seascapes and landscapes evoke the sights, sounds, and tremors of the slow, inexorable movements of glaciers and icebergs. Astrid’s admiration for this printmaker comes through loudly and clearly.

     Visit Open Studio and allow Astrid to share her enthusiasm for all her “pretty special” printmakers.

Tom Maunder, Gallery 1007



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