Miss me?


Did you miss me?

Those of you who are readers of  gallery1007 will have noticed that there were no postings for January and most of February. Without boring you with the details, I have been dealing with certain health issues. Being a Scorpio, I do not multitask well so my focus has been on hospitals, tests, and doctors. Because the diagnosis is “We’re not sure,” I can move forward with my extraordinarily cogent comments on the Toronto art scene. (As an aside, the Emergency Room of TGH on New Year’s Eve is deserving of the talents of Francis Bacon or Breughel.)

Given below is the plan for upcoming posts.

  1. An interview with Jennifer Bhogal, the Executive Director of Open Studio.
  2. An interview with Astrid Ho, Print Sales and Archive Manager of Open Studio.
  3. The issue of presales. Are they a good idea or not? Gallerist and collector perspectives.
  4. New additions to the Gallery 1007: Michael Antkowiak, Jan Ollner, both represented by Will Kucey Gallery; Lauren Satok from CFA; Jimmy Perron from Roberts Gallery; Richard Calver from Mayberry Fine Arts.
  5. The Power and Problems of Framing, an interview with Nancy Clemo of Akasha Art Projects.
  6. The Trunk Sale comes to the Will Kucey Gallery with the work of Scott Waters.
  7. A Fund Raiser at the Roberts Gallery.
  8. Matt Bahen, an artist who continues to mature and engage at the Nicholas Metivier Gallery.

Email me at tomcarl@sympatico.ca.

Thanks for your time.

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