ART TORONTO 2016: Before the memories fade


At my advanced years, memory is but a fleeting thing so, while the little grey cells are still functioning,, here are my thoughts on Art Toronto 2016.

On the plus side, I was again impressed with the sense of light and openness. It was easy to move around and there were places to sit. The problem with the seating was the low, non-friendly to Seniors chairs, and the equally problematic hammocks. Once in, can one get out? Nice balance of international and Canadian galleries, personable, helpful gallerists, and a totally charming bartender in the VIP Lounge. Some excellent art from Jill George, Jamie Angell, and Gallerie Bergeron.


My favourite piece was a small, very small Henry Moore statue called “Seated Mother and Child.” This statue was on sale at Mayberry’s for a mere $75,000.00. Mayberry Galleries was also featuring the dancing Maberries, a treat not to have been missed.

On the negative side: NO OPEN BAR for the big spenders.

and, don’t miss our first Gallery 1007 show, THE POWER OF PORTRAITURE, now through NOV27th knife | fork | book @ Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market

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