Dear Friend,

I would like to invite you to my curated show, The Power of Portraiture, which features work by Christina Sealey, Kris Knight, Dan Hughes, Michael Harrington, Allison McCall, Elicser Elliot, Ed. Pien, Marc Seguin, Joe E. Stewart, Megan McCabe, Casey McGlynn, and Scott Griffin, from my personal collection, Gallery 1007. The show is being held at Rick’s Café, 281 Augusta Avenue, Kensington Market. The official opening of the show is October 13, 2016, 6:30-9PM and has been staged under the auspices of knife | fork | book, Jeff Kirby’s new poetry bookshop. In addition to the lovely portraits, you will be mesmerized by my pithy overview.

Hope to see you there,

Tom Maunder



Curated by THOMAS MAUNDER | gallery 1007
through NOVEMBER 27TH

knife | fork | book @ Rick’s Cafe | 281 Augusta Avenue | Kensington Market

Doors open 6:30PM

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