Discovering A New Artist: BYRON HODGINS


Discovering A New Artist: BYRON HODGINS

For me, one of singular delights of collecting art is when I discover a new painter who shows considerable potential and is, hopefully, not just a one hit wonder. Such an artist is Byron Hodgins represented by Canadian Fine Arts in Yorkville. Byron is one of the young Canadian painters who is revisiting and reimagining the Canadian landscape. Byron is a plein air painter which means he paints outside and, therefore, his technique is both simple and direct. He sees a landscape or part of a landscape that resonates, does a quick painting on board and then, in his studio, begins the process of reconfiguring that landscape through the prism of his artistic sensibility. A prism refracts light into vibrant shards of colour and Hodgins’ paintings shimmer and glow when viewed up close. Up close, they appear abstract and impressionistic, but, when viewed at a distance, they come together in totally recognizable form. The paint is generously applied to board and worked and reworked with a palette knife. The results are mesmerizing.

Byron Hodgins has promise; check him out.

Please let know of your latest find.


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