I recently spent some time at a cottage near Minden. In order to take a break from the endless debate about new build versus renovation, my hostess and I took a trip to Haliburton to visit two galleries, the Rails End Gallery and the Ethel Curry Gallery. My heart, or what’s left of it, goes out to gallerists who set up shop in small towns. It can be a lonely job. Both galleries represent local craft artisans and artists. As one would expect, the work is uneven but there are gems to be ferreted out. The Ethel Curry Gallery is named, surprisingly enough, after Ethel Curry, a painter associated with group of Seven. She was a plein air painter and the gallery features her sketchbook, her paint box, and several examples of her small landscapes on board. The Rails End Gallery is housed in an old railway car and houses a large space for the display of paintings and a gallery boutique. Given below is an image of landscape done by local artist, John Lennard. Rails End overlooks a public park filled with young men demonstrating their diving skills from an arched, wooden bridge over the Gull River.

Any interesting, out of the way galleries that you have found? Let know.

Photos: Tom Maunder

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