Navigating the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition


Attending the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition has always been problematic for me. On one hand, there is the heat factor which can be oppressive thanks to the paving stones in front of City Hall. The small artist booths trap the heat and I feel that I am buying art in a sauna. The work being offered is juried but still seems uneven and sometimes resembles the One of a Kind Show. On the other hand, artistic gems, either pottery or paint, can often be found. One of my favourites is the student section where hope springs eternal on both sides of the counter.

What caught my eye at this the 55th edition of Toronto Outdoor? The beautifully challenging examples from the artists participating in the Baycrest Brain Project to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s. The assured watercolours of Cori Lee Marvin and the ceramics of Alix Davis also enchanted this collector. One thing which collectors find admirable is when an artist’s work demonstrates a continuous effort to refine what has gone before. Such is the case with Dara Aram who has always known his way around the colour palette but that colour is now even more evocative and evanescent. Bravo, Dara.

Check out these artists on their websites and remember to send your comments on The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition to We would love to hear from you.

Photos: Tom Maunder


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